Thursday, January 08, 2015

Meeting needs

Schools were closed again yesterday.  The temperature never made it above zero and the wind chills were dangerous.  -35*.

Not only were schools closed, but every volunteer organization closed.  Except the one I work at.


Despite our frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills, 50 brave soul and a half dozen volunteers made it into our needs pantry.  We make coffee available throughout the day, a local coffee shop donates muffins, sweet rolls etc.  We have racks and racks of good, free clothing and once a month folks can get toilet paper, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent for their families.  We fill in the gaps that the food pantry can't meet.

We are open 9-4.  Yesterday 2 gentlemen stayed the whole time.  It is a warm, friendly place.

We had bag after bag after bag of clothing donations brought in.  We are grateful for the 
donations, but I am always flabbergasted at how much extra stuff folks have.

We try to be the very best stewards of donations that we can be.  But we won't put anything on the shelves and racks that we wouldn't wear ourselves.

So we are trying to figure out ways to reclaim what has stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers.

Here are a few ideas:

Tee shirts:


Wool sweaters:



The thought is that we would upcycle these items and sell them at the farmer's market to raise money for the products (shampoo, tp, etc.) that we give away.

We have enough ideas and raw materials to keep an army of volunteers busy.

Now all we need?  

An army of volunteers.

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