Friday, January 30, 2015

Something old, something new, something blue


I just spent the last hour and a half darning two pairs of the resident fisherman's  wool socks.  If a new pair of socks costs $15, then I just saved us $30 resulting in an hourly wage of $22.50.

This is just one of the many frugal things I do to help us maintain our lavish lifestyle.  Another item on my agenda today is to hang laundry in the basement.  If you are a guest in our home and catch a quick glimpse of our unmentionables on the drying rack tucked next to the furnace?  Please do us the courtesy of averting your eyes.

As I wove the back and forth under and over strands of yarn it occurred to me that I had not put up a blog post for a week or so. It also occurred to me that many bloggers post pictures of their decor.  Now lest any of you be confused, this is not a decorating blog.  Not that anyone could possibly gather that from anything I've posted in the last several years.

Anyway, the view from the couch is the above cabinet.  A beautiful oak cabinet.  It languished in its unfinished state in my in-law's basement for decades.  After my mother-in-law passed away in 2004, it became ours.  We refinished it and have put it in prominent places in our homes because it is gorgeous.

The crock on the floor to the right is an old pickle crock that was my grandmother's.   Love.


In the cabinet:
 Top shelf: handle-less cups and saucers we found in an old trunk of my mother-in-law's. We had no idea she had them, but she had a note nestled in one of the cups that they were from the 1880's.

Second shelf:  narrow-necked pitcher on left and tea pot on right were Pat's before we were married.  The heart-shaped dish in the middle is a piece of Polish pottery.  Jon and Kristi were in Poland a few years ago and brought that back for me.

Third shelf:  4 missionary biographies (remaining two of that set are on the bottom shelf on right).  This was a gift from my in-law's 15 or so years ago.  The clear jar is filled with sea shells picked from a Florida beach by Pat's grandmother in the 50's.  The teapot is from Holland, brought back for me by my folks in the '90's.

Fourth shelf:  a tea kettle that belonged to my mom.  Origin unknown.  The pottery bowl is handmade by my talented brother-in-law.  The books were gifts from Pat's great-grandfather to his great-grandmother in the early 1900's.

Fifth shelf:  books about American statesman that belonged to my in-law's.  Published in 1899.
Platter from Czech Republic when I was on a mission trip in 1995.  Two plates on top are Polish, purchased by my folks when Dad worked in Eastern Europe.


So there you have it.  My intercontinental, inter-generational cabinet.  Amazing that all these things from a hundred and thirty year time span go together, but they do (in my opinion).

This cabinet does not give me the blues.

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