Monday, January 12, 2015

Witnessing faithfulness


Last night we had the opportunity to see our older two boys' first youth pastor and his wife. They currently serve as missionaries in eastern Europe, so it had been many years since we have seen them (7?).

We sat around the dinner table with other friends whose children had been privileged to learn from this couple.

Mel taught both older boys to play guitar. The boys play their guitars and lead worship to this day. Mel took them on their first mission trips. They have a passion for missions to this day. He taught them to love GOD, love people, love GOD's Word. Those lessons stuck.

We are so grateful.

I looked around the table; the couple to my immediate right were very instrumental in getting Mel and Amy to our church.

The couple to their right were very instrumental in getting our current pastor to our church. People of vision.

Next were Mel and Amy – it would be impossible to measure or exaggerate their impact on our family.

The next couple have shown their generosity and faithfulness in many ways. She is still recuperating from donating a kidney to a lady in our church. Extreme love in action.

Next sat a woman of prayer and great faith. Her husband was ill, but her 20 something son sat next to her. You should see this young man worship the LORD. Unabashedly, unashamed, enthusiastically. His love for GOD is contagious and obvious.

Next was our pastor, who faithfully brings the Word week after week.

What a blessing to be surrounded by such faithful, obedient people. I have to pinch myself sometimes.

I'm simply amazed that GOD has allowed me to count such wonderful people as friends.

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