Saturday, February 07, 2015


Oh my.  It has been a while.  Almost three months since I have gone for a walk outside.  But yesterday, Pat and I followed the not-very-recently groomed ski trail that goes through the golf course and beyond.  This morning I ventured out by myself.  Yes, I wore my yak traks and I wore my arm brace.

I walked on top of hills and through deep ravines.   It was gorgeous and invigorating and fun and wonderful.  Loved every minute.  45 minutes of brisk walking in the woods.

We are so incredibly blessed.  As if our 1.5 acres isn't enough, and it is, it really is; we have possibly hundreds of acres right out our door to explore.

And explore I will! Someone else has too.  Can you see the paw prints above?

Two other firsts, at least since my 'elbow incident'.  

1. I was able to use the drive through at the bank!  I could extend my arm far enough to place and retrieve the deposit and receipt.  Oh, the things we take for granted until we cannot do them!

2.  I received my first check and sweet note for my surgery expenses.  A family from South Carolina.  The note made me tear up.  Someone across the country is sharing in my expenses and praying for me.  Amazing.

This is the first check of 37.  It is going to be fun to go to the post office to get our mail!

And fun walking outside again.  

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