Monday, March 09, 2015


I guess it has been over a month since I blogged.
                  backyard friends - we have had up to 7 and a few fights have broken out!

Here is a brief update:

Making: a quilt for my premature grand nephew Evan
Cooking: homemade Mac and cheese
Drinking: water
Reading: Radical by David Platt
Wanting: to see the grands
Looking: for spring
Playing: piano at the nursing home tomorrow
Wasting: nothing.
Sewing: finished a pile of mending
Enjoying: a beautiful sunshiny day and all our backyard wildlife
Waiting: the snow to melt - it is starting!
Liking:my life
Wondering: how to beautify our little garden shed
Loving: my family
Hoping: for just the right words
Marvelling: at how good GOD is
Needing: nothing
Smelling: supper cooking
Wearing: the usual - tee shirt and jeans
Following: Jesus
Noticing: the wind in the trees, the snow melting from the roof
Knowing: no greater joy
Thinking: on the promises
Bookmarking: nuthin'
Opening: my newly arranged pantry
Giggling: at pictures of the grands
Feeling: wonderful and thankful

The birds:

And best of all:

The youngest grand......

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