Monday, April 13, 2015

The body of Christ at work

Life can change in a moment.

One month ago a dear friend of ours had a work place accident.  A fall from scaffolding resulted in broken ribs, fractured scapula and a  broken back.  The break occurred at T 10, resulting in paralysis from the waist down.  The diagnosis is permanent paralysis, barring a miracle.  

We serve a GOD who does miracles! 

In the meantime the body of Christ has jumped into action, installing a ramp and remodeling the main floor to accommodate an accessible master bedroom and bathroom with donated materials and labor.

Here are some pictures of today's activity:

Pre-lunch prayer.

The beginning of the ramp.
Lunch break.

The main floor master work begins.

Crew parking.

Ramp location.  Yes, they will straighten those posts.  😊

Dumping gravel.

The foreman is easily visible.

Ramp progress.

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Joyce Johnson said...

Great to see these pics Cheri. Thanks!!!