Monday, November 16, 2015


There is nothing like a brisk walk down a road that winds through the woods.  The first snow of the year freshens the landscape, hiding crunchy leaves.  

My morning walks give me time to ponder.  On this particular walk I reflected on a wintry walk a year ago when I fell and shattered my elbow.  Though I cannot fully extend my arm, I'm so grateful that it has really not hindered me from doing everything I want/need to do.

I have cooked, cleaned, done yard work, served at the Needs ministry and taught both children and adults.  Just like before.

What has been new in this past year is that we have welcomed two new grandchildren into the fold.  We now have 5: two boys, three girls - 7,5,4 almost 1 and two months.

What joy and laughter they bring (and fatigue - but in a good way)!

There is a good possibility that the whole crew will be here for Christmas time. 

This grandma is super excited!

#4 ( this photo is almost 6 month ago!)


Bring on the grand babies!

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