Thursday, November 19, 2015



She was born 8 weeks early.  

3 pounds 14 ounces.  16 inches long.  Perfectly beautiful.

She breezed through her restrictions.  The oxygen was gone in less than 24 hours.  She spent time under a bilirubin blanket for jaundice:

Although her eye shades are plain here, they, at various times, sported shades or long luxurious eyelashes.  NICU nurses?  They rock.

A feeding tube was in place for a while.  She pulled it out on her own.

Taya came home 3 weeks after she was born.  5 weeks BEFORE her due date.

She is the sweetest little girl. She has found her voice - as a preemie - she didn't have much lung power.  Now?  Lung power.

She is doing great. Our first local grand baby.  Mama has gone back to her part time job now and I get to babysit when daddy is not available.  Taya rocks.


One of Taya's roommates in the NICU died earlier this week.  A little sweetie with heart problems who never got to go home.  She is HOME now.

A friend of ours fell off a roof yesterday and died hours later.  

Life is full of tragedies and terrorist attacks and illness and financial woes and all other manner of tribulations.

But GOD gives strength. These two families who have experienced such devastating losses will move numbly through the days ahead, but will keep moving.

We hold on to our Taya just a little bit tighter.  Linger just a little bit longer over her bassinet while she sleeps. Take in that baby smell. Rock her just a little bit longer than necessary because we can.  

Baby rocking is therapeutic.  For the rocker and rockee.  Rocking a sleeping baby should be required for anyone who is stressed.  We rock.

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