Monday, November 30, 2015

Told ya I was frugal

Of all my frugal friends, I am the only one (that I know of), who darns socks.  I also darn hubby's socks and when I go visit my dad, his.

The above socks cost about $18 new.    I have had them for At Least 10 years, but only started to see worn spots 3 or so years.  (I darned them with diffeent colors of thread cuz I'm wild and crazy like that.)  So, out came the tools of the trade:

I find darning very relaxing. Forming a grid of thread, weaving the needle in and out of the grid, listening to quiet music in the background and the knowledge that this time-worn practice is saving some money constitutes a win, win, win, win in my book.

How about you?

Do you darn?  Do you know somebody who does?

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