Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Missing in action

In the Northwoods of Wisconsin, there is one thing you can almost always count on.


But this year....our poor little potting shed should be surrounded by heaps of the white stuff.  It is not.

Many folks in our little tourist town count on snow for their livelihood, whether they plow it, or cater to the folks who flock to us in droves to ride our extensive labyrinth of trails.  Especially when the World Chamionship Snowmobile Derby is scheduled.

Me?  I'm content to cross country ski or snow shoe or walk down our quiet roads.  Much more of a silent sport type of gal.

But for now, we wait.  I can walk the cross country ski trails that go for miles out our back door ( thankful to live near a recreation center - all the fun, none of the taxes or maintainence). No skis required.

Walking on leaf-littered trails is nice.  Just very weird for December.

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