Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Too soon old, too late smart

My dad has often quoted the title phrase to me.

Such truth there.

We are in the midst of Vacation Bible School.  I am working with 8 precious, adorable four year olds.

It was game time.  The game leaders encouraged the teachers to participate in the game.

"What could possibly go wrong?" I thought.

Well this:

Running down the field one of the four year olds tangled himself up in my legs.  That launched me into a head over heels somersault in which I knocked the other four year old down.   There were tears.  But I tried to be brave.

The little guy had a little scrape on his forehead.

I hurt my foot, my sternum.  AND my pride.  

And we didn't even win.

Today before game time, my scraped up four year old buddy eyed me with suspicion and pointedly asked, " The grown-ups aren't playing games today, are they? "

No sweetie.  I learned my lesson.  

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