Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Quilt for grand baby #6

The next few months promise to be busy and exciting for our family.  Here are the highly anticipated 
upcoming changes:
  • My brother in law moves here.
  •  Our sixth grandchild arrives ( oldest son and daughter in love)
  •  Middle son and daughter in love are moving back home (here!)
  •  Youngest son and daughter in love have purchased their first home (here!)

Whether or not anyone reads this, I would like to record the excitement around these events.  For me.  And perhaps other family members.

I lost my blogging mojo for a long time.  My mother has been succumbing to the treacherous memory stealing disease Alzheimers.  For ten years.  I find it difficult to put a positive spin on that.  But I am confident that Mom would want me to fully celebrate these happy events.

And I am confident that Mom is completely in God's sovereign loving care.  She taught me to trust God wth all my heart.

And I do.

Thank you Mom.  You would be so proud of your grandkids and so happy to know all these little people in the family.  Hopefully Dad will read these words to you and you can celebrate with us.

I can just see the sparkle in your beautiful blue eyes.

New beginnings everywhere.

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