Friday, August 12, 2016

Family migration

The family migration is in the works.  My brother-in- law arrived earlier this week and is settling in nicely to his super cute vintage home. I'll have to get permission to post pictures here.
The local kids move into their new-to-them home in two weeks.  Their current abode is filling with boxes.
The not-local kids who are soon to be local will be here in two weeks and two days.   Their  home is also piled with boxes.
So, I have had moving on my mind.  As far as I am concerned I am content to stay here until the day I die.  But having moved 3 times in the last 6 years, here are a few recommendations:
  • Stop shopping.  This is not the time to buy new stuff, or even old stuff.  You don't know if what you buy will fit in your new place or not.  So, just wait.
  • Stop grocery shopping.  When we moved from Tennessee back home to Wisconsin, I quit buying groceries at least a month before our moving date.  We ate up everything in the fridge, then the freezer, then the pantry. We only ate out a few times toward the end.
  • Boxes from the liquor store are great for packing glasses.  Sturdy with protective dividers.
  • As empty nesters, we could close off rooms as we finished packing them up.  We could also store other packed boxes in that room so we weren't tripping over them.
  • Purge.
  • Purge.
  • Purge.  You will thank me later.  Don't move stuff you don't like, don't need and didn't even realize you still had.
  • Start early.  Don't wait until the week before you leave to start.  That just adds unnecessary stress. I don't know about you, but I prefer to avoid stress.
Even if you are excited about moving, packing can be a chore.  By using the above tips you can make it a bit easier.

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Diwakar said...

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