Saturday, November 05, 2016

What if you knew?

You may have heard..... There is an election coming?  Although I usually avoid political conversations, when those around me get into it, there is a spectrum of feelings- regardless of their preferred candidate.  Most are sick and tired of it ( can we just make a new rule?  Please?  That there will be NO campaigning until 90 days before the election).  Many don't care, don't feel empowered by their vote.  Many don't feel we have much of a choice.  I haven't talked to anyone who is passionate about voting for any one particular candidate.
We live in a small town. Quiet in the winter, busier in the summer when tourists descend.  I don't worry about civil unrest here.  There are only 39% of us who stick around for winter.  We help each other when needed, mind our own business when not.  When we go to vote on Tuesday, the mother of one of my former first graders (that first grader is now in her forties!), the mother of our former neighbor and the lady who used to sell bait to the resident fisherman will be the election workers.  When we voted in the primary, the judge was in front of us in line and he was on the ballot- his dad was our dentist years ago, his son on our son's soccer team.  Comfortable, familiar, peaceful.
The news in recent days has been warning of cyber attacks by bad actors who wish us harm.  Who wish to take advantage of our rancorous political discourse and disrupt our way of life.  Internet down, grid down, civil disturbances.  These are some of the scenarios being projected.
What if you knew that one or more of these events would be taking place next week?  What would you do differently right now?
Me?  I'm cooking ahead.  Getting caught up on laundry.  Cleaning, vacuuming.  Took the garbage to the dump.  Topped off the gas in the car.*
And now I can R-E-L-A-X as our beloved Aaron Rodgers has been known to say ( rather, spell).  I've done what I can.  Plenty of food in the cupboards and good books to read.  One in particular.  The B-I-B-L-E.  Where are repeatedly admonished to "Fear not!"
God is with us.  He doesn't leave us or forsake us.
We can R-E-L-A-X.  
*. Our 14 month old granddaughter will be with us for five days late next week, so even if all the warnings are without merit, I will be so thankful I did what I did.
And you?  Doing anything out of the ordinary?  Anticipating anything out of the ordinary?

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