Sunday, July 30, 2017

pickin' and grinnin'

The resident fisherman and I went blueberry picking yesterday.  We headed to a local farm in the morning and enjoyed the perfect weather, watching the horses and cows in the 'neigh'boring field (see what I did there?). We arrived right as they opened and before the cars started streaming in we watched the farmer's son herd a gaggle of geese away from the parking area.  Very pastoral.

We picked about three pounds of sweet, tasty goodness.  Most of them are in the freezer now for future smoothies or muffins, but there is a bowl on the counter with berries for snacking.

Good thing too. First born son is heading this way tonight with our two year old grandson.  The resident fisherman will take Nate out fishing while Calvin and I snack on blueberries, play in the woods, and just generally get wet and dirty.  As two year old boys love to do.

I predict blueberry stained fingers and mouths.

And hopefully some fresh fish fried over the campfire.

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