Wednesday, August 09, 2017


They met on (sort of) a blind date.  

They had four children, lived in several different places.  

By the time the four kids were all grown and out of the house, they began a grand adventure.  They lived and worked in a variety of different countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Romania and traveled to many more.  I think they visited every continent but Antarctica.

Upon retirement they continued to travel.  Each summer they hooked up the travel trailer or hopped in the motor home and toured our country.

Dad said, "Let's go!" and Mom said,"I'll get ready!"

They always said they would travel as long as their health permitted.  Dad had his share of health problems and Mom made it her mission to keep him as healthy.

In 2006 Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  Their traveling days came to and end.  Now Dad was the caregiver.

Mom has been in Memory Care for several years now.  Dad usually visited her twice a day until this past February when he moved into Assisted Living.  Now he and Mom are roommates.  We are so thankful they can live together again.

Dad's parents were married 64 years as were two of his aunts and uncles.  We are so blessed to have this example of longevity in marriage.  It is quite a legacy.

Mom is no longer ambulatory having broken her hip 18 months ago.  When she is having problems, mostly anxiety because she can no longer communicate, Dad crawls into her hospital bed with her and soothes her.

Theirs is quite a love story.  Selfless commitment to each other.

Happy 64th anniversary, Mom and Dad. Praying you have an especially sweet day together.

(Pictures are from 2013 - when Mom could still walk.)

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Suzi said...

Thanks so much for this, Cheri. Beautiful. <3