Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tourist town.

Cousins playing in the (private) road.  Because. Rocks.   Don't worry, Grandma and Dad/Uncle were on high alert but we hardly ever have any traffic.

We live in a tourist town.  People are attracted to the area because of our abundant lakes with good fishing (ice and open water).  There are also opportunities for jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking and canoeing.

In addition to water sports, we have hundreds of miles of trails for hiking, biking, ATV riding, snowmobiling and cross country skiing. 

We have a cute downtown with specialty shops that cater to the tourist but also serve the year round residents well.

Only 39% of us live here year round.  The winters are long and cold, sometimes harsh.  The employment opportunities abound during the summer, but after Labor Day some businesses close.  Others lay people off or drastically cut hours.  When the tourists go, so do the jobs.

Then, when the tourists leave, this is a totally different place.  It is rare to grocery shop or stop at the post office or bank without seeing someone you know.

We love it here.  We have had to move away twice but have always comes back.   Our kids come back, not only to see us, but I think because it was such a wonderful place to grow up.

Our oldest son and our two year old grandson have been here the past few days.  Our son and the resident fisherman have been fishing on some of the lesser known lakes in the area.  We’ve taken our grandson on walks down the private road and he has seen many deer (some without even leaving the house!).

We could have gone go-carting or horse back riding or to the children’s museum or mini golfing or any other of a number of outings that cater to tourists.  But we are very content to wet a line in Grandpa’s boat or walk through the woods or play on the deck or with a pile of rocks. 

The simple life.  People pay a lot of money and rush up here, scurry around to take every thing in and go home sunburned and exhausted with depleted bank accounts.

We are among the few and the blessed who can walk right out our doors and take it all in any time we want.

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