Monday, August 28, 2017

while they are young

The beautiful monarda above, alas, no longer grace our front garden.  Mrs. Doe came in one night bringing Fawn (thing) 1 and Fawn (thing) 2 and taught them how delicious our bee balm are and how one should mow them down and not leave one single flower behind.

So that is what they did.

The resident fisherman has waged war on the deer.  He sprays bobbex.  He applies Deer Scram.  He bought wireless fences and recharges and refills them.   I fear he will follow Bill Murray's playbook in Caddyshack and resort to more drastic means.

The deer in our neighborhood refuse to believe what is written about them.  That they don't like: bleeding heart, daffodils, rhubarb, and several other things that if they don't like them, they certainly have been taught to clean their plates or go to bed without supper.

It is surprising that we have any flowers in our yard at all.

Hunting is prohibited in our little section of the northwoods, a land full of hunters, and the deer seem to know it.  It is not unusual for me to see 6-12 deer on my morning walk.  They are beautiful.  They would be even beautifuller if they did not make a salad bar out of our flower garden.


But they are doing something right.  Teaching their young while they are teachable where the good stuff is.

That is what we did with our kids and now our grandkids.  The kids loved  ( and love) going to church because we do.  They love Jesus.  They are teaching their kids to do the same and we get the fun of partnering with them on this.

This sweetie comes to spend time with us several times a week while Mommy and Daddy  work.  Every other week, when Mommy has to work on  Sunday she comes here and we take her to church where her daddy is associate pastor.  While we buckle her in the carseat we say, "We're going to church!"  She says, "Yay!" and claps.

Like our neighborhood deer, we are teaching our little ones while they are young.  We know where the good stuff is too.

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Megs said...

What beautiful (belated) flowers, and a more beautiful baby! I wandered in from Annabelle's page- I will come back later to read more. So inspirational.