Friday, June 01, 2007

and the winner is...

....well, now this ia a wee bit embarrassing. The winner is my daughter-in-law Kristi. Congratulations, Kristi! Do you want to choose the photos you want or would you like me to pick?

Now, lest I be accused of nepotism... I did, after all ,spend some of my formative years in the 'burbs of Chicago, but hopefully did not adopt some of the corrupt political practices modeled there...I picked another name out of the hat (in the interests of full disclosure it was not actually a hat but a bowl). The second name was, drum roll please....Curly Mommy! Hooray!

So, now I get to make three sets of cards. One for Ann, who found Waldo, I mean Patrick's picture on the front page of this week's paper; one for Kristi and one for Curly Mommy! What fun! Thanks for playing along everyone. We will have to do this again.

This day is already off to a good start. I cut my morning walk a little bit short to get to the flower sale at Trig's. It opened at 6 and I arrived about 6:15. There were probably 100 people there. I was really surprised to see so many. I grabbed the only Thumbergia I saw, in addition to a few other things. Several people asked me where I found the Thumbergia, but I think it was the only one. '

Last year, according to the gal next to me in the (long) line, a fist fight broke out between two guys after the same plants. Fortunately for me no one wanted my Thumbergia that badly. I probably could have taken 'em though. Shoveling, hauling wood and manure and water buckets, etc....oh, yeah, you don't want to mess with me!

It looks like a beautiful day in the Northwoods. I know what I'll be doing....planting!


kjh said...

Please clarify the amount of brown sugar in the rhubarb bread recipe. Thanks.

cheri said...

Hi Karen, thanks for catching that.

I hadn't heard of the Where's Waldo character for a long time. How funny that you saw him the very day I thought of him! Was he in a Memorial Day celebration?

Becky said...

You forgot the wallpaper scraping, the painting, and the closet cleaning that you did this winter. Nope! I don't want to cross you.

Rats! I didn't win. I'll have to enter the contest for the 2,000 post. It was fun wasn't it?

Curly Mommy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you don't want to be accused of nepotism. Your desire to stay above reproach really benefits me. Thank you very much! Woo hoo!

kjh said...

Nope, unless that was earlier in the day. Waldo was just walking down the street on some trek or other. I rather wish I'd flagged him down and inquired about his travels. He had the get-up down cold. (Kyle spent many happy moments of his distant past searching for Waldo; however, he is no doubt just as glad that I didn't engage Waldo in conversation.)

cheri said...

Becky, thanks for reminding me! Sorry you didn't win. I don't think I will wait for my 2000th post to do another little contest though,

C.M. Congrats!

Karen,what do you suppose makes a person wake up in the morning and think, "I guess I will dress up like Waldo today and walk around town?"